Subject Knowledge

Classroom and Individual Instruction Available

Subject Knowledge:

  • English fundamentals
    (grammar, punctuations, spelling, composition,
  • Reading comprehension
    (vocabulary, reading for meaning, retention, etc)
  • Writing fiction
    (plot, theme, setting, character development, research, etc.)
  • Writing nonfiction
    Books, articles, journalism (research, interviewing, writing)
  • Publishing
    (all types of books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters).
  • Theater
    (script writing, acting, direction, production, stagecraft, etc).
  • Video and audio production
    (recording, editing, distributing, etc.)
  • Logic and critical thinking
    (deduction, induction, logic problems, etc.)
  • Energy healing
    (Reiki, Deeksha, Axiotonal Alignment, Shaittsu, Jin Shin, etc.)
  • Researching anything
    (methodologies, qualitative, quantitative, investigative, etc.)
  • Websites
    (design, html, WordPress, e-commerce, social media)

Customized Classes

  • All of the above, plus….
  • Small Business Management
    (retail, wholesale, service, even freelancing)
  • Business marketing
    (green marketing, public relations, advertising, etc.)
  • Business Writing
    (letters, reports, proposals, business plans)