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Media Visions Journal is an evolving electronic magazine advocating a global sense of our interactivity. As a media education project, the free webzine features interviews with media visionaries along with articles, essays and e-letters, which invite robust public and industry communication about the penetrating impact of global media networks. Media Visions is dedicated to deep media litreracy along with network democracy and political freedom.

Media Visions Journal sees new media linking our interactive world into a decentralized and conscious community. As humanity evolves a deep global sense of our interactivity, we individually and collectively learn to practice mindful self rule and personal democracy in our homes, schools, jobs, communities, nations, and world. The publisher holds abiding faith in the effectiveness of practical idealism, the persistance of patience, and the power of vision to alter our reality one interaction at a time. We are light channels.

Media Visions Journal is produced from a humble home office by a media journalist. Availability of time and resources determine website development. Thank you for patience with site upgrades. This is public service work, after all. Right now, Media Visions is funded from my
freelancing, yet the hit counts at last are good enought to merit advertising, but I lack time for the marketing, let alone gathering the products and building the back end to offer e-commerce. As the career goes, so goes the website.

If you are interested in partnering with Media Visions Journal, enhancing our capacity to do the mission, perhaps helping the webzine grow into paying for itself, bless you! Please email. I warmly welcome honest help moving vision into reality. If all you do is subtly alter how you interact in daily life because of the ideas at this website, that’s enough for me. That’s everything.

Thank you for visiting.

Judah Ken Freed, Publisher
Media Visions Journal
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Voice: 808-822-0545


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